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ARxAI Inc. is a high-tech start-up company registered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We focus on computer vision technology and augmented reality applications for sports education and training.


Having been built out of the Queen's University Robotics and Computer Vision Lab in 1999, ARxAI is based on years of research excellence. The company owns the core technology for the DeepGreen® billiards robot application and ARPool® augmented reality billiards entertainment system.​

DeepGreen® is the world's first billiards robot application which provides innovative functions such man-machine battle, automatic ball placement and artificial intelligence game strategy etc. 

ARPool® - the Augmented Reality Billiards Entertainment System is a multimedia human-computer interaction technology that can greatly improve the user skill level and enhance the entertainment experience of players on a real pool table. 

Since its first public release and after receiving awards at the French virtual reality exhibition (Laval Virtual) in 2010, ARPool has been highly rated and invited overseas to participate in many international technology exhibitions. At the same time, it has been highly publicized by international mainstream media.


ARPool demo has been invited to produce special TV programs in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and covered by special reports from well-known public media such as the Globe and Mail, BBC, Discovery Channel, Channel Five, etc.

Drone Lens

The Predecessor of ARPool: Deep Green in 2002
World First Self-playing Billiards Robot

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Augmented Reality Billiard Entertainment System

Roadmap of ARPool Development (1999~2019)

  • 1999 Project launch

  • 2000 Initiation of Robot control test

  • 2001 Initiation of Vision System (GVS) research and development

  • 2003 Media coverage from Globe and Mail

  • 2004 The first successful automatic shot from Deepgreen Robot

  • 2007 Deepgreen's first completion of all balls on the table

  • 2009 Initiation of ARPool research and development

  • 2010 Receiving award from Laval Virtual Exhibition, France

  • 2011 Receiving award in SVAR 11 Exhibition, Canada

  • 2012 Special TV coverage from BBC, Gadget Man Show

  • 2013 Special TV coverage of Canadian Discovery Channel

  • 2016 Order and installation from Swiss chain hotel, the O' Learys

  • 2018 Received exclusive technical partnership for "billiards to campus program" from FUSB.

  • 2019 Receiving support from EPSON CANADA for sports AR application development.

ARPool and Jeremy Clarkson in special TV program from BBC @2010

ARPOOL on Gadget Man Show @2012

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