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APool covered by mainstream news and media

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Since its first public release and after receiving awards at the French virtual reality exhibition (Laval Virtual) in 2010, ARPool has been invited overseas to participate in many international technology exhibitions. At the same time, it has been highly publicized by international mainstream media. ARPool demo has been invited to produce special TV programs in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries, and covered by special reports from well-known public media such as the Globe and Mail, BBC, Discovery Channel, Channel Five, etc.

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2010 ARPool in the 12th France Virtual Reality International Exhibition

Best Demonstration Award


ARPool and Jeremy Clarkson in a special TV program from BBC in 2010

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ARPool battling against Potts,

the 8-ball world champion, on Gadget TV in 2012.


ARPool on the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet in 2013

Other ARPool in Exhibitions and Media Coverage



  1. Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2013, Santa Clara, CA, USA

  2. Science Rendezvous 2013, Kingston, ON, Canada

  3. APOGEE‘13, BITS Pilani, India

  4. Techkriti’13, IIT Kanpur, India


  1. Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE) Discovery, Toronto, ON, Canada


  1. Kshitij, Karahgpur, India

  2. SVAR ‘11, Brampton, ON, Canada      ***Best Demo Award***

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